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Who We Are

We blow up creator accounts to triple their profit in under 6 months.

We encourage creators to celebrate their talents by inspiring self-expression and confidence while advocating for the recognition of social media influence as a valid and empowering avenue of creativity.

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Our vision at Oso Blanco Labs is to offer the opportunity for influencers to leverage their creativity and stand out in a flooded marketplace where social media influence and brand recognition has become a pinnacle of success.  We recognize the challenges emerging creators face in attracting a supportive community and effectively monetizing their audience into significant profit.  We aspire to transform societal perceptions, fostering an environment where each one of our creators feels valued, supported, and inspired to explore their potential. 


We are committed to leading a cultural shift that celebrates and respects alternative lifestyles, supporting influencers in their journey to creative and financial freedom. Through our efforts, we aim to empower creators to confidently and authentically express themselves, giving them the support and strategies needed to bring in over 6 figures a year, while breaking the internet and blowing up their accounts in the process.

What We Offer

At Oso Blanco Labs we work with dedicated creators to scale their accounts to triple their income within 6 months. We do this by utilizing data analytics, account optimization, algorithm hacking, and assigning each creator a team of professionals, leveraging our proven 6-week trend discovery strategy, along with a personalized highly skilled chatting service.

Through leveraging our Creator Success Coaches, Creative Director, and Trend Discovery methodology, we TEACH you how to be wildly successful as an OnlyFans Creator. Once we help you triple your income in 6 months you will have the skills and knowledge to do this yourself. If you want to move forward on separate paths at this point, you’ll be able to.

What We Provide

Immersive Management & Strategy Development for Creators

Trend Discovery Implementation

Take control of the digital world and engage global audiences with our innovative marketing strategies. Harness the power of trend discovery to stay ahead, go viral, and see your subscriber numbers soar.

Social Media Account Optimization

We increase your engagement, visibility, and interactions across multiple platforms and funnel viewers to your exclusive content, increasing subscribers and improving retention rates to boost your revenue.

Accounts Management

Collaborating with Oso Blanco grants you access to committed specialists focused on enhancing all of your social accounts and deepening your fan relationships. With us taking care of the operational aspects, you can dedicate yourself entirely to what you do best: Creating exceptional content.

OnlyFans Chatting Services

24/7 service allows you to relax and leave the dirty work to our experienced chatters, ensuring that your fans are satisfied with the content they want most and you capitalize on our lucrative upsell strategies!

Content Security

Our advanced monitoring software is continuously scanning the internet for potential content leaks. If detected, all unauthorized usage of your content will be dealt with using DMCA tactics and takedown notices.

Analytics & Reporting

Systematic tracking of content performance, subscriber behavior, and revenue trends allows us to optimize your content strategy and posting schedules, enhance audience engagement, and maximize your earnings.

Creator Success Coach

Welcoming you into our family to help achieve your dreams and reach financial, time, and location-based freedom resonates with our core company values. As a member of the pack, we will be there for you at all times to offer assistance with anything you may need. Our professional Creator Success Coaches ensure you get everything you need to smash through your goals and materialize your dreams.

Our More Everything Guarantee

We teach you all the systems and strategies that make top models millions of dollars every year while scaling your own page to triple the income within 6 months or you don’t pay anything. It’s 100% pay-on-results and we only ever take a percentage of the new income we help you generate. We’ll never charge you for the money you’re already making.

We know our platform works, but if for whatever reason, you are unable to triple your income within the 6 month period, we will refund your retainer 100% and you won’t pay anything. You always keep all the rights to your content so you get to walk away with more subscribers, more business acumen, more industry awareness, and more trending content without a penny lost.

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Sentiments From Our Clients

I can’t express how amazing the experience with Oso Blanco has been. I couldn't grow my socials at all and I had no idea I could make so much money with it. From the moment I joined it was like I had a personal assistant and content coach. Their team of nerds go so hard with all of their spreadsheets and tracking and stuff and fully BOOSTED my accounts.
Mel S.
Switching to Oso Blanco was a game-changer for me. Their trend discovery strategy and social media direction immediately put my content in front of WAY more people. But their creator support is really what makes them so awesome. They are there literally at any time to help you with whatever you need. All I have to do is film the content that they tell me to make and they take care of everything else. I have a huge boost in subs and income since joining. 💕🕊️
Mara M.
The commitment and dedication to actually doing a good job and caring about me is what is the best part for me about being with Oso Blanco. They are fully transparent with everything and you can ask them whatever you want about your accounts, or the strategies they come up with for you to follow. The 24/7 chatting is seriously so nice not having to try to keep up with chats myself and they are so good at using all their upsell strategies. I love being an Oso Cub its amazing!!
Amaya H.
Joining Oso Blanco was the best decision of my life. . They saved me from a content leak from my last agency, the chatting team they have is great and brings in so much extra income for me, and I can just chill and focus on actually making content. Seeing my subscribers and bank account just keep going up is actually mind blowing…LOVE U GUYS!! 💙💙💙
Jenny D.

Not Quite Ready?

We believe that solo influencers are still able to make a career and shine in the industry, and we are here to help you in every way we can. Even if you are not selected to join the Oso Blanco team at this time, we want to provide you with value to get things moving on your own.

Take action towards your revenue and content goals with our FREE Brand Development Guide by entering your email and Instagram below, and we will share the knowledge we’ve collected that can help propel your career to the next level.


Do you own my content?

No, you keep full ownership rights to your content. We only use your content on your behalf and only when an agreement is active

How do I get paid?

All social media related payments go to your bank account. We will invoice you for management fees each week.

How often can I speak to my Creator Success Coach?

Your personal Creator Success Coach will be in contact with you multiple times per week to make sure you are staying on target to meet your goals.  We will provide weekly check-ins to keep you up-to-date on your account, statistics, and future content creation recommendations. Additionally, our team is available 24/7 through Whatsapp for any other questions or concerns that come up. 

How often will I need to produce content?

We strictly work with creators who are dedicated to their craft. We will supply you with outlines and suggestions for content creation and we ask all our clients to submit content weekly. This can take anywhere from 4-10 hours per week to create, depending on how experienced you are and what level of influence you are at.

How much does it cost?

Becoming a part of Oso Blanco Labs is entirely free, with no upfront costs. With us, you don’t have to worry about making less than what were previously, because we will only invoice you based on the increase in your net profit until we double your current earnings.  

No more giving up your monthly earnings and worrying if an agency is going to do its job.

We will send you a weekly management invoice based on an agreed-upon percentage of your NET earnings for the previous week. 

Can I join Oso Blanco as a faceless Creator?

No. We believe in embracing your craft as a content creator and want you to be able to live in full expression, as well as deliver the best experience to your audience for subscriber retention. We have found that working with faceless creators puts a divide between them and their audience.